ID REQUIRED > SAFE ZONE In 1988 we decided to open a new club unlike any other club in Belgium. From our own extensive Party & Nightlife experience we decided right from the start that we would not be going for the fast buck. We wanted to create a club, a decor and an atmosphere where all the right ingredients for a great night out would and should be available. We got together an excellent team of DJ's, party-organisers and decorators just to make sure every night is a true fiesta. Over the years we have been rewarded by the great number of people who have become dedicated and loyal La Rocca clients. And, with a great deal of pride, we can tell you that this had led to incredible parties (you should see our photo-album : it's crazy!). La Rocca is definitely more than just a night out, it is an experience ... AN EXPERIENCE YOU SHOULD NOT MISS !

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Fri23:30 - 06:00
Sat23:30 - 09:00
Sun23:30 - 08:00
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