The place to be in Amsterdam for the ladies and everybody who is gay friendly and wants to have a good time. The Vivelavie exists already for 37 years. Women from all over the world meet each other at Vivelavie for a date, a flirt and a nice evening. The Vivelavie has a relaxed atmosphere with various music, from lounge and classics in the afternoon to dance later in the evening. Owner Mieke Martelhoff, her partner Rosemary and the Vivelavie team...



Mon16:00 - 03:00
Tue16:00 - 03:00
Wed16:00 - 03:00
Thu16:00 - 03:00
Fri15:00 - 04:00
Sat14:00 - 04:00
Sun16:00 - 03:00
Aankomende evenementen @ Bar Vivelavie